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Tucson In Style is a collaboration between Michael McKisson and Julie Reed. The site is about the style unique to Tucson and the people living in it.

Look for style photos, interviews, thrifting tips and lots more.

Read below to learn more about the authors.

Michael Mckisson is a recent convert to dressing well. He’s replaced the cargo shorts and sandals he wore for years with chinos and oxfords.

He is an avid cyclist and is also the publisher of a local news site covering Tucson’s cycling community.

He loves scoring an awesome piece of clothing at one of Tucson’s many thrift stores and is looking forward to uncovering more of Tucson’s style.


Julie Reed loves treasure hunting at Tucson’s amazing thrift and vintage stores, not just for herself but for friends and, on occasion, relative strangers. Presumably she’ll now be on the lookout for sweet duds for her co-author, Michael, whether he likes it or not . She loves clothing swaps and insists on serving as her friends’ personal shopper and makeup artist.

She loves sniffing things (leaves, trees, exotic perfumes, swamp cooler pads) and has a remarkable sense of smell which contributes to her mad skillz as a beer connoisseuse.

Community building, especially among Tucson families, is part of Julie’s work, and she is the publisher of She’s also keenly interested in various aspects of women’s health, especially infertility, birth, and postpartum, and is a freelance writer on these and other subjects.