Been down two times*

Rebecca Safford talks to us about her Tucson-chic style while giving us a tour of Tap & Bottle, her soon-to-be-opened craft beer store. You can call me lucky, or perhaps savvy, but this author/editrix got to sample a Belgian farmhouse ale (sorry Michael! but you ate all those yummy peaches!) while doing Q and A and taking photos.

As a typical second child, Rebecca’s wardrobe is primarily made up of hand-me-downs from her sister and friends who love to thrift. Rebecca was set for months with new (to her) sundresses, heels, and sweaters after hosting a clothing exchange for her craft group “I want to make it with you Crafternoon”–which, as an aside and full disclosure, began with me bribing our subject and her crafty sister with beer and snacks one Sunday afternoon a couple years back, begging them to show me how to embroider a gift for my mom, and then became an established institution. Her favorite clothing items are vintage Vera scarves and colorful heels.

Rebecca loves the Tucson heat so she can sport long flowy dresses. Becca, as she’s often called, likes to bring together many styles- a classic gold locket and red heels, paired with bright red cords and a peasant top. Rebecca prefers to shop local (shirt from Olytata on 4th ave.) or support artists on etsy (necklace from Erica Weiner Jewelry and bracelet from Spotted Dog Farm).

The red cords in these photos are from Gap’s 1969 collection and red shoes are Franco Sarto found at Last Chance in Phoenix. The necklace has a quote from *a favorite Fleetwood Mac song, and her sweet/stylish sister Erin wears the same necklace.

Rebecca is the owner of Tap & Bottle, a craft beer and wine tasting room and bottle shop to open in Fall 2012. She is excited to serve unique beer options in the Old Market Inn building on 6th Ave.

We can’t wait to see the final project–T & B is slated to open in September–but more than that, we can’t wait to see what Becca wears on opening night!!

Coming later this week–photos and fashion talk with Rebecca’s fashionable husband, Scott–a man you might call metrosexual if you were inclined to use such adjectives