Cowboy, hippie, polka dots

On my way to B-Line to do some work yesterday at sunset, I spotted a group of radiant young women on Fourth Avenue, and one in particular stood out to me. So, in my usual un-shy way I approached them with my camera and asked to take a photo.

Jennifer Williams, the one that first caught my eye, is an English Honors student at UA. She describes her style as “a mix of cowboy and hippie, with lots of polka dots”.

While she typically prefers cowboy boots, yesterday she was wearing strappy leather flat sandals, displaying neon tangerine toenails–very appropriate for a steamy gray monsoon evening.

Delicate silver jewelry set against a Western shirt–soft chambray with pearl buttons–says “cowboy hippie” indeed. And the pop of Jennifer’s signature polka dots–in this case, a full cherry-red skirt–provides a fabulous and surprising contrast.

Jennifer and her friends–Courtney Slanaker, Tesla Therrien, Zoe Warren, and Monica Wisehart–were a bright and happy sight indeed. (Added awesomeness–most of these women are UA students, many in The Honors College, and pursuing interesting and important majors like anthropology and public health. Stylish and smart–what could be better?)