DIY vests

Diana Rix has been a fashion icon of mine for nearly 15 years. (That makes both of us sound really old. But we met in high school, right?)

She has a wonderful way of making things her own, and putting together outfits that are entirely unique. She can see an item in a thrift store and envision a way to transform it. She looks for quantity over quality (yes, you read that right) when adding to her wardrobe, and leans toward hand-me-downs and thrifting (most likely the result of being the youngest of five kids!). Jackets are her favorite clothing item.

This is also true of her home–she has an outdoor living room, and walls covered with artwork. She is one of the most aesthetically inclined and and intuitively artistic people I know.

Lately she’s been fond of wearing vests that she makes out of suit jackets from thrift stores. “It’s too hot for jackets most of the year, and even when it’s not, it’s often too hard to work with your arms restricted by jacket sleeves.”

So she finds a jacket she likes–the one in this photo was selected because of the rich, vibrant sheen of the fabric–and just cuts the arms off. Some simple hemming is involved, which she swears even the sewing-averse can do. I might just give it a try!