Honoring ancestors

Last night’s All Souls Procession was as beautiful as ever. I wish I could interview everybody I saw–so many lovely tributes to lovely souls.

The dashing Josh Pope and beautiful Erika O’Dowd, founders of Cinema la Placita, chose to honor the departed by wearing some of their late grandparents’ clothes.

Josh is wearing one of Erika’s grandfather’s “many, many” guayabera shirts–this one the gray-white of a dove; beautiful! His soft, tobacco brown jacket belonged to his own grandfather and we all agreed it’s a wonderful color on Josh.

I love the delicate glow of the buttons and the intricate embroidery.

Erika’s dress belonged to her grandmother (Erika is from a long line of Tucsonans and has inherited a fabulous wardrobe from her very stylish grandmother). I love how the colors and flowers fit the All Souls decor, yet it is the dress itself that paid tribute.

The couple carried paper flowers from their wedding–not a memory of something departed, but an honor of that which is still with them. Beautiful.