That’s not a typo. Jhenifer stands out not only because of her unusual name, but because she looks smashingly put-together. So much so that I photo-stalked her at an Imagine Greater Tucson event earlier this month.

(pardon the photo effects–I didn’t use a flash so this shot is blurry, but she is so radiant and chic that I wanted to use it anyway)

She describes her style as “casual boho chic with a very conservative splash of rock and roll”

When asked about her wardrobe faves, she replied “I love a GREAT deal!”

Her greatest finds include:

-A pair of silver Manolo Blahnik sandals from Last Chance for $69.99
-A perfect large Coach tote in bone at Buffalo Exchange for $60
-A long sleeved button up print top from H&M, very conservative but amped up when worn with skinny jeans and boots

When she wants to feel extra-confident, she wears a “power dress” or a pencil skirt and that H&M print blouse.

About the outfit she wears in the photo above:

*My dress was from Target online in the perfect spicy mustard color and it has pockets, my favorite! My shoes are BCBG t-strap chocolate brown heels, and the cross body vegan bag is from Frances in Phoenix, made by colab”

the t-strap heels:

the cross-body vegan bag: