We spotted Nadine at Flandrau Science Center’s exhibit on minerals from China (It’s a knockout collection, and full disclosure, Julie’s husband works at Flandrau and helps with the exhibits. Definitely worth checking out.)


The combo of her lacy grape dress, red handbag, and red patterned tights struck us as bold and just right.

tights and dress

Nadine told us that she travels a lot, so her wardrobe is limited to the size of her carry-on bag.

“I do a lot of shopping in thrift stores, as I enjoy the hunt for one off and vintage pieces”, says Nadine. “Target, Nordstrom Rack, and other discount places are great to find basic clothes to mix and match. I rarely buy an outfit, I buy mostly just pieces, and fit them together.” More shopping insights: “To attract my attention, a piece of clothing should have bright colors, be of natural fabric, and fit well.”