One Word

I love Nikki’s personal style, and her artwork.

Note that yes, Nikki “has a bird on it” (her shirt), but the birds have wigs. Awesome. She describes her style as “eclectic”.

I saw her at the Presidio Fashion Exchange and she will continue to be there every Saturday from 9-noon with her One Word artwork, which is colorful, inspiring, and responsibly designed (repurposed wood, etc). She can custom design gifts as well.

Her work can also be found on Etsy.

I love her arm tattoos. Also her ring, which is a reworked family heirloom. Lovely and one of a kind, like Nikki and her art. Nikki tells the story of the ring:

My great grandfather had the diamond in a tie pin when he was a “dandy” (bachelor). That would have been the 1920’s or earlier. Then when he passed away, my grandmother turned the diamond into a ring.