Pretty coral dresses

I’m a girl who’s got a thing for dresses. And coral. So coral dresses understandably do me in.

Walking into How Sweet it Was on 4th Avenue never fails to make me giddy and dizzy.

There’s this one!

Oh, and look

With great restraint, I asked the shopkeeper to take down but a single dress so I could have a closer look. I didn’t try it on, because it seemed like it just might fit, and I promised myself I was just looking. If it’s still there on my birthday, perhaps I’ll try it on.

Because it’s full-length, so the options are numerous–leave as is, hem to tea- or knee-length, and use the remaining fabric for a hairpiece. Keep in mind when shopping, especially in vintage stores, that if the dress fits, you can adjust the style to suit your body and your style. There’s no reason to pass up an otherwise lovely frock just because it’s a bit big, or too long, or has a funny bow on the shoulder. If it’s gives you butterflies in your tummy, perhaps you should take it home.