Stewart Boot Company

This is going to be more of a feature than our usual quite “check this out” post, because Stewart Boot Company is a world unto itself and can’t be captured in a photo or two.

Stewart Boots

Located at 30 West 28th Street in South Tucson, the front of the shop is unassuming but Tucson-cool.

stewart logo

I found myself on a field trip to Stewart Boot Company accompanying a friend who was considering having a replica made of a favorite pair of boots worn beyond repair. Another person along for the ride was sporting her own pair of bespoke Stewarts, lovingly and alternately referred to as “bitch boots” or “witch boots”.

witch boots

Linda, wife of head boot maker Victor, inspects our friend’s worn-to-shreds boots, fingering the decorative top which we learn is called an Algonquin stitching. A trip to Stewart will enlarge your vocabulary to be sure. (Linda also informed me, with the quickest of glances, that my feet were not in fact the size–ten–that I think they are.)


Meanwhile, we eye the rows of boots awaiting pickup or repair.

rows of boots

Here’s Victor at work. He’s a busy guy, so even though we had an appointment for the boot remake, we had plenty of time to look around the wonders contained in the shop.


Even the boxes are amazing to look at. They are locally made and printed.

wall of boxes


This is one of the many tables of hides from which to choose the material(s) for your custom boots. The leather too is tanned in the U.S.


And thread for stitching.


Part of the workshop.


Beauties with red hide inlay and red stitching.


Stewart’s–and Victor and Linda– are definitely Tucson treasures.