Rachel Wilson always makes me smile–she resembles nothing so much as the sun, or perhaps a sunflower.

She’s also part of a great “only in Tucson” story: I got a dress at a Dinnerware clothing swap (orange and gold, so I couldn’t resist) but decided it wasn’t quite right for me. So I brought it to another clothing swap a few months later.

That night, I was out downtown, at Congress, and spotted the dress on Rachel, whom I’d met only a few weeks earlier when we participated in an event hosted by Preen (we were “real women” models!!) at La Cocina.

“Hey! That was my dress!” I said to her. She told me what I’d already guessed, that she picked it up at that day’s clothing swap. I told her how I’d originally got it from the Dinnerware swap a few months earlier, and at the moment I said “Dinnerware”, David Aguirre (Dinnerware’s…curator? originator? everything?) walks by and waves at us. Oh, Tucson.

Anyway, this is sunny Rachel riding her beflowered bike on Fourth Avenue a couple days ago.