Traveling with boots

You might think it’s necessary to leave your favorite boots at home when traveling in summer. They’re bulky, hard to park, and, well, it’s summer.

Think again. On a recent trip, I decided to bring only my sneakers, flip flops, and cowboy boots . For two weeks. The packing part? Not a problem–I wore the boots on the plane. They’re easy to slip in and out of for security, and kept my feet warm in the chilly air conditioning of the terminal and plane.

They’re great for wearing, or stomping, around the house, and if you have a dress-up occasion, nothing beats a mini and cowboy boots. Trends be damned–a short dress and boots are timelessly stylish.

For my travel wardrobe, I chose a maxi-dress to pair with the cowboy boots–super comfy, easy to move, and no worrying about sitting properly. Relaxing and chic. (I picked up this particular pair of boots at a “yart sale” at fotovitamina‘s house. Yay for women with big feet! It’s hard for me to find shoes at yard sales or thift stores.)