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What’s your style?

I spotted, Emily Gaspar, left, and Katherine Snyder walking back to their office on the University of Arizona campus last week. It was Katherine’s dress and its flattering silhouette that originally caught my attention.

When I rolled my bike over to them to tell them about the site and ask if I could take their portrait, I caught a glimpse of Emily and her cute sunglasses. I’ve actually known Emily since high school, but had no idea it was her when I spotted them several hundred yards away.

After taking a few images, I asked them a couple of my cheesy questions including “What is your style?”

They couldn’t really answer.

A few hours later I received a message on Facebook from Emily. She said my question had inspired them — a-la junior high — to take an online style quiz to find their styles. Turns out, Emily’s style is “Simple relaxed” and Katherine’s is “Super Girly”.

I was impressed by the results because just looking at the portraits I took and the descriptions of their styles, it seems pretty accurate.

So in that spirit, I’ve posted a few links to quizzes for both men and women.



According to the two links, my style is “Classic.”

What’s your’s? Leave a comment in the comment section.