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Party favors

I went to a party the other week–hosts will remain nameless unless they wish to self-identify–but one is a professor, and the other a vet, if that tips anyone off.

On a table near the front door there were stacks of neatly wrapped (in newspaper–reuse! no waste!) parting gifts for the guests, who’d already been treated to amazing food and drinks.

What was in these mystery packages? A stack of random cds!

The rules were simple–no peeking, and you must take them home with you. No give-backs.

The hosts wanted to pare down their CD collection, and what a great way to do it! Wrapping them in newspaper is a fabulous idea (I often wrap gifts in “the funny pages”, which my mom used to do when I was a kid), and it was SO FUN to unwrap my treats.

On the way home, I bellowed “I Am Woman” at the top of my lungs, sunroof open to the night sky, while my husband pat-patted my leg (but I think he was secretly proud) and kids looked at my with great confusion.

We also ended up with an obscure Pet Shop Boys anthology, some Greatest Hits (of different years of the 1980s), and other awesomeness.

A totally inspiring version of a “white elephant” gift exchange. In fact, next year, for our Chinaberry Prom, I might just do some spring cleaning in the weeks beforehand and wrap up goodies for our guests.

Thank you P and C (and M and J and critters, too) for the inspiration and hospitality. You are the best.